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tbh i just need a hug

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hot people are so lucky im so pissed

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7 year olds are fucking assholes

i can’t believe so many kids are starting anal at such a young age

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now that i think of it dude characters basically go into four categories for me:

  • husbands
  • disaster sons
  • assholes i hate
  • who?????

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  • expectations: getting off the computer
  • reality: sitting there, liking posts, until you're off the post limit


Hey guys!! While my other giveaway is still going until June, due to a url change and an increase in followers I’ve decided to make another!! Prizes and rules are listed below -

  • Circle Lenses

Any single pair of colored contacts under $25 from reputable site www.pinkyparadise.com

  • Music!

$25 in iTunes gift card (if you don’t have itunes/apple, I’ll substitute this for another gift card or something of sorts - we can work it out!)

  • Swag

I’ve been working on making items to sell in conventions, such as buttons and keychains. I’m primarily working on danganronpa, kill la kill, puella magi madoka magica, and vocaloids. The keychains will be similar to the picture below (as soon as I get keychains painted I will add pictures)

*Note: Keychains will be small characters from each fandom because this style/size is easiest to cut. They will be made of light metals

  • Nendroid Figures

I’ve gotten into figure collecting recently, and accidentally bought a few that friends have gotten me as gifts haha;; so I’ll be giving away the following figures below

(i love the kagamine twins, they’re an awesome default gift for me ahh~)

and last but not least….

A 16gb 5th Generation iPod Touch

I’ve never been a big apple fan, but for Christmas I got an iPod. Since I’m due for an upgrade on my phone soon, I’ve decided to get an iPhone, meaning I won’t have any use for an iPod as well. I’ll be giving it away. It’s silver in color, I’ll wipe everything off of it before I send it.


  • must be following me (I will check)
  • reblog is 3 entries, likes are 1 entry
  • Please do not spam your followers - so long as you do this there are no rules/limitations on reblogs
  • I will randomly choose the winners from one of those awesome random sites
  • please keep your ask box open so I have a way to contact you, or try and make arrangements with me
  • please keep an eye out for any other notes I make.

For extra entries please follow x, x, x, x

Giveaway will go until October 1st. I will get into contact with the winners then!!

Best of luck!!

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when you’re starving and a friend offers you a piece of their food


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